eDiscovery Consulting Fact Sheet

Leverage FRONTEO's experts to explore and implement best practices for your projects.

eDiscovery Consulting Fact Sheet

With the many stages and complexity of eDiscovery, it can be daunting to try and ‘go it alone’. Regardless of your budget, there is always a cost savings when the right expertise is applied to the process.

FRONTEO Consultants have managed thousands of projects, containing billions of documents, and utilized virtually every eDiscovery technology tool in the process. They know how to help you get the job done right…every time.

Understanding what the completed project looks like, and the time frame to accomplish it, enables FRONTEO’s Discovery Consultants to recommend technology, processes, and the resources required to complete the project within the given time deadlines.

  • Experience to quickly assess the issues
  • Plan development keeps projects on track
  • Technologies and staffing recommendations based on time and budget requirements

Advanced eDiscovery Consulting
While FRONTEO has advanced certifications with Relativity and other technologies, we are a software agnostic consulting organization, providing clients with the best possible solutions for your specific projects, budgets, and timelines.

From Technology to Training to Oversight
FRONTEO Discovery Consultants have the real-world experience of handling all forms of litigation and investigations. They know where to start and how to manage the entire process as part of your team.

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