PDF DOWNLOAD April 15, 2020

FRONTEO Partners with Takeda Pharmaceutical for Drug Discovery and Development

NEW YORK, April 15, 2020 – FRONTEO (TSE: 2158) Takeda Pharmaceutical has entered into a licensing agreement to utilize a new drug discovery support tool, powered by FRONTEO’s unique natural language analysis Artificial Intelligence (AI) “Concept Encoder (conceptencoder®)” to search for new drug targets and biomarker candidates.

Research in drug discovery is critical and painstaking work. FRONTEO’s AI powered drug discovery support tool learns the co-occurrence of words in research documents and vectorizes. This allows for the ability to find relevant patterns and differences in data which increases efficiency.

The drug discovery support tool includes the PubMed and Open Targets databases. The AI system learns the latest databases and dissertations, allowing researchers to input hypotheses and information they want to know, and Concept Encoder will instantly display the dissertation and medical research data that should be referred to.

Through the use of FRONTEO’s AI powered system, resources in drug discovery can be better allocated leading to greater efficiency and innovation in drug discovery.

FRONTEO’s goal is that using AI in hypothesis generation and testing becomes the industry standard in drug discovery.

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