PDF DOWNLOAD May 6, 2020

FRONTEO Has Identified 450 Candidate Compounds In Its Research On The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

NEW YORK, May 06, 2020 – FRONTEO (TSE: 2158) FRONTEO has announced the identification of 450 candidate compounds in its research on the novel coronavirus through their proprietary AI system “Cascade Eye”.

Using the previously announced (April 24, 2020) pathway map, also created through the drug discovery support system “Cascade Eye”, we were able to analyze research papers related to the genes and molecules connected to the disease. Roughly 450 existing drug conversion candidates were found.

Typically, the approval rate in drug discovery research after clinical trials is 1/30000. Our research model suggests that drug repositioning using “Cascade Eye” will significantly increase efficiency.

Of the 450 candidate compounds identified, about 400 types such as autophagy and anti-inflammatory related compounds are available on the market. These existing drugs can be expected to be used as a future coronavirus therapeutic agent, after appropriate clinical trials regarding efficacy and side effects.

The speedy and accurate analysis of information is critical to the control of infectious diseases. Our map comprehensively analyzes articles, and allows us to support the effective and efficient development of therapeutics in organizations that lead the control of infectious diseases. We hope these initial identifications will contribute, even a little, to the convergence of the situation as soon as possible.

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