PDF DOWNLOAD April 17, 2020

FRONTEO Commences Drug Repositioning Research on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Using Best-In-Class AI

NEW YORK, April 17, 2020 – FRONTEO (TSE: 2158) FRONTEO will begin research on drug repositioning for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) using its proprietary AI system “Cascade Eye” (trademark pending), which visualizes the mechanisms of diseases and drugs.

Cascade Eye powered by Concept Encoder (conceptencoder®), FRONTEO’s proprietary natural language processing AI engine, analyzes molecular, genetic, and other information related to various diseases in a fraction of the time it takes for humans, and is capable of visualizing this information in the form of a pathway map.

Because Concept Encoder (conceptencoder®) already knows language, it instantly searches the PubMed and Open Targets databases for relevant papers and pharmaceutical research data and displays their respective relationships and mechanisms in a pathway.

Cascade Eye is AI-based and therefore free of any preconceptions or human biases, so any findings can be applied to new targets and biomarkers that cannot be conceived of using existing knowledge, as well as projections regarding efficacy and safety. The system is also being considered for use in the development of individualized treatment including tailor-made therapies and personalized medicine.

In its research, FRONTEO will utilize Cascade Eye to construct a pathway map of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) to visually identify crucial molecules, genes, and drug candidates in relation to novel coronavirus infection.

The goal is to discover the therapeutic potential of existing drugs, new targets, and concomitant drug candidates to effectively block multiple pathways based on this visualized information.

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