PDF DOWNLOAD April 15, 2020

FRONTEO and Kyowa Pharmaceutical Form Partnership to Diagnose Dementia Using Artificial Intelligence

NEW YORK, April 15, 2020 – FRONTEO (TSE: 2158) Kyowa Pharmaceutical and FRONTEO have partnered to develop an AI-based dementia diagnosis support system, using FRONTEO’s proprietary natural language processing AI Concept Encoder.

The Dementia Diagnosis Support System (DDSS), powered by FRONTEO’s AI Concept Encoder will be able to predict the presence and severity of cognitive impairment from a 5-10 minute conversation between a doctor and patient. The DDSS is the world’s first system designed to diagnose dementia using natural language.

The number of dementia patients in Japan is expected to reach 6.3 million by the end of 2020, and approximately 1 out of 7 elderly people suffer from cognitive disorders. With an aging population, early and precise diagnosis of dementia has become a national issue in Japan that must be resolved.

But diagnosis of dementia requires specialized knowledge and years of clinical experience. In addition, the efficacy of current tests and diagnostic tools have been questionable.

Through AI and machine learning, the DDSS will be able to recognize inconsistencies in language patterns and mitigate errors found in traditional diagnostic tests.

The DDSS powered by FRONTEO is a revolutionary system that can analyze cognitive function from short daily conversations, reducing the burden on both the clinician and the patient. Early detection of dementia and evaluation within a short cycle is the expected result.

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