Managed Services

At FRONTEO, Managed Services is viewed as a partnership between our clients and our team, designed specifically to help you manage your eDiscovery challenges.

eDiscovery Experts

We start with a team dedicated to your project and combine it with our artificial intelligence technology, FRONTEO KIBIT Automator. [LINK TO KIBIT PAGE] Our smarter AI delivers all the advantages of artificial intelligence to enhance Relativity instances for our clients.

That’s not all. FRONTEO’s professionals meet with your team, whether it is your legal department or outside counsel. We discuss the scope and length of the project, and together with your team, we put together a customized workflow that fits your needs and your culture.

And throughout the project, from start to finish, FRONTEO’S experts deploy our proven AI technology.

The result: Predictable costs, substantial savings, and compressed timelines.

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Always with You

FRONTEO has permanent centers in major around the global cities to deliver the exact services required by major corporations and law firms. Our Managed Review team leaders provide lightning-fast response to your pressing needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Our highly trained and motivated professional staff understand the detailed needs, regulations, technology, and specifics of every project. We are embedded with your team for the duration of the project, and afterward.
  • Our commitment to permanent staffing leverages the benefits of experience and education. Should you require our services for other projects, we apply lessons learned from prior projects and adapt them appropriately to new work
  • We have flexible pricing options adaptable to both scope and budget. And we have controls and reporting that prevent going over budget. If we find that we need to enlarge the project’s scope and complexity, we alert you at the earliest possible time.
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The Right Technologies

FRONTEO customizes leading legal and business intelligence technologies to deliver optimal results for projects of all sizes. Most importantly, we deploy our proprietary artificial intelligence engine – FRONTEO KIBIT Automator – which accelerate reviewer speed and enhance coding accuracy.

  • Our Early Case Assessment tools are deployed to provide a project roadmap.
  • Document preservation and legal holds are automated at the earliest possible stage in the process, ensuring an accurate data set.
  • Our advanced quality control processes and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies consistently monitor projects to that reviewers are making consistent coding decisions.
  • Combining the chosen review platform with FRONTEO’s proprietary technologies delivers a familiar interface while protecting processes.
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Client-Tailored Solutions

Through key phases of the review process, our experts create a client-tailored ecosystem that fully leverages FRONTEO’s infrastructure. Our culture is client-centered; we do not require projects to bend to our technology.

  • Proven technology coupled with experienced review professionals ensures cost predictability throughout the project.
  • Our proprietary technology streamlines eDiscovery processes and focuses outside counsel on what’s crucial.
  • Our team can customize best-in-class technology to suit your team’s and project’s requirements.
  • Our repeatable and cost-efficient workflows enhance defensibility. And we continuously improve them so your next project runs even smoother than its predecessors.
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Predictability Overcomes Complexity

FRONTEO deploys a combination of our experienced professionals, client-tailored workflows, and customized technology to deliver predictability throughout the eDiscovery process.

  • Our state-of-the-art review centers located in world cities, nearshore and offshore mean projects can be centralized to meet timeline and budget demands.
  • From technology requirements to subject matter specialists to capacity planning, the process is scalable and built to provide the long-term eDiscovery solutions that you need.
  • Nothing is lost in translation. A dedicated Executive Program Manager provides a centralized point of coordination for both internal and external teams. Our workflows virtually eliminate miscommunication and duplicative work.
  • Our flat-rate pricing is based each client’s capacity requirements, which is determined jointly at the commencement of each process. Our pricing caps eliminate additional expenses, and we continuously monitor spend and resource usage.
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Improved Efficiency Through Data Reuse

The use and re-use of data and processes in multiple matter litigations creates efficiencies and reduces discovery costs. Expect no less from modern eDiscovery—and FRONTEO. With data reuse, our clients enjoy substantial cost saving because we are not, as the expression goes, reinventing the wheel.

  • Client-specific tools and workflows to exploit repetitive data and processes. And we store that knowledge for future use, should the need arise.
  • Easily identify key evidence previously used in previous depositions and trials.
  • Tap into previous knowledge to lighten your eDiscovery burden. Previous matters, notes, coding, and privilege calls are summoned and adapted quickly and efficiently.
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Do you have questions? We have answers.

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