How AI with KIBIT Works: We Put it All Together.

How does KIBIT and our AI-enhanced review work? FRONTEO combines human expertise and machine learning to meet document review challenges in an era of exponential data growth.


Learn about KIBIT
and AI-Enhanced Review

Law firms and law departments need a solution to reduce ever-expanding data volumes that threaten to drive eDiscovery costs to even higher levels. FRONTEO has deployed our artificial intelligence (AI) not only in eDiscovery matters, but also within multiple industries to help sort through our clients’ data to pinpoint what businesses need to run efficiently and profitably.

This white paper will provide insights into:

  • Common eDiscovery issues
  • How KIBIT addresses those issues
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness KIBIT
  • Results from the front line
AI-Enhanced Review with KIBIT Whitepaper

AI-Enhanced Review with KIBIT

How does KIBIT and our AI-enhanced review work? Read the whitepaper to learn all about it.